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Client Services.
"Real market focus, genuine business insight."

Elliott Bauer is an insight-led business. The success of our assignments and the strength of our relationships are built on market knowledge and business understanding that cuts through 'recruitment speak' and helps to identify the important issues and the best solutions.

Our expertise covers all disciplines including:

Life Insurance CFO, CIO, CRO, Chief Actuary, Head of Actuarial, Life Actuary, Economic Capital Actuary, Capital Management/Modelling Actuary, Product Development Actuary, Pricing Actuary, Solvency II Actuary, ALM Actuary, Corporate Actuary, Contractors, Reporting Actuary, Valuations Actuary, Actuarial Analyst, Student Roles , General Insurance Chief Actuary, Pricing Manager, Non-Life Actuary, Product Development Actuary, Catastrophe Specialist, Reserving Actuary, Risk & Capital Actuary, Capital Modelling Analyst, Personal Lines Pricing Analyst, Pricing Contractors , Pensions Senior Partner, Senior Pensions Actuary, Senior Consultant, Scheme Actuary, DB/DC Consultant, Associate, In-House Actuary, Healthcare Actuary, Consultant, Actuarial Analyst, Student Roles , Investments CIO, Client Relationship Manager, Investment Strategist, Portfolio Manager, Associate Director, Client Director, Investment Consultant, Investment Strategy Actuary, Product Development Actuary, Investment Risk Solutions, Investment Analyst, Student Roles , Asset Management Investment Strategist, Portfolio Manager, Head of Capital Structuring, Head of Product Development, Head of Alternative Investments, Business Strategist Manager, Reward Consultant, Multi Asset Quant/ Analyst, Fixed Income Analyst, Student Roles , Banking Client Relationship Manager, Finance Business Partner, Head of Investor Relations, Corporate Banking Associate, Senior Manager, Capital Markets Manager, Derivatives Manager, UK Equity Analyst, Portfolio Construction Analyst, Alternatives Investment Analyst, Student Roles , Risk Management CRO, Head of Risk, Head of Risk Capital, Risk Management Consultant, Senior Financial Risk Manager, Head of Operations, Enterprise Risk Manager, Internal Model Risk Manager, Risk Oversight Actuary, Risk Pricing Analyst, Student Roles , Consulting Consultant, Associate Consultant, Pension Consultant, Investment Consultant, Financial Consultant, Part Qualified Pension Consultant, Part Qualified Investment Consultant, Student Roles and Non Traditional CFO, CIO, COO, CEO, Board of Director Roles, Managing Director, Partner, Chief Marketing Officer, Financial Director, Enterprise Risk Management, Underwriter, Technical Expert, Product Management Executives, Claims Analyst, Student Roles areas.

What makes us stand out and stand apart is the quality of service and the value we bring to every relationship. As ever, we take the time to understand client businesses, management styles, cultural nuances, future plans - everything that defines the type and quality of people required.

Our specialist teams operate at a variety of different levels up to and including Senior executive posts. We advise on talent acquisition, succession planning, can provide internal analysis of key executives and M&A. Some recent assignments include CEO, COO, CIO, CFO, CRO, as well as traditional posts within Actuarial and non-traditional and should the need arise, movement of teams. One of our main focuses is to assist in group's long term strategies and growth plans, this is our expertise and as such we have been designing and implementing future pipelines in order to reach the end-state organograms that these groups are looking to achieve in the next few years.

"Real value delivered by real experts."

We have expert teams in our three offices that can provide significant recruitment and business benefit. Here are just three of our value-added services that can help companies make the right decisions.

We can use information gained through search, interview and referencing to inform the assessment process; and also employ tools to assess the right quality of your candidates.

This type of due diligence is becoming increasingly important to our clients. This can be done at any stage of the search process to ensure the validity of any candidate profile.

Market Research & Mapping
Good quality research and talent mapping helps clients to gain important market intelligence. This could lead to the identification of candidates, benchmarking of talent in competitors or the testing and verification of an employer`s proposition to market.

"The right partner for the right reasons."

Selecting the right search firm is probably more important than selecting the right person for a job. The best search firms will become ambassadors for your business, tackling issues head-on, courting talent, changing opinion and converting interest into desire. The best search firms will help you hire talent that will make a fundamental and lasting impression on your business.

So what should you look for? And what must you avoid? Here are some key points on what is a key decision: Ask for evidence that the firm has expertise in your industry and a track record of success.

  1. Be certain that the consultants share your approach and you can talk openly to them.
  2. Check whether the firms you are talking to, aren`t working with all your competitors as well.
  3. Ensure that the person you meet is the person you work with through the assignment.
  4. Be clear that the candidate will receive an exceptional experience and gain feedback at every stage.
  5. Be sure the search process is designed to find the right talent.
  6. It is always best to work with experienced and knowledgeable consultants rather than rookies.
  7. Don't underestimate the importance of a thorough evaluation process of search firms.

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