Portfolio Manager for Prestigious Firm

Ref: 10851

Elliott Bauer has been re-approached by an Advisory/Asset Management firm who are looking to increase headcount in their solutions team, off the back of hugely successful recent years. We are specifically looking for investment consultants who have transition experience for a non-traditional type role, who would be interested in getting closer to the market and trading money. 

This is a highly regarded firm with a strong and prestigious brand. We were drafted in some 3-4 years ago to add senior talent to the team as they were about to go on a growth drive. This was successful and the business has gone on to develop new products, solutions, significantly increased their client base and assets, and the overall business is very healthy. 

As the team continues to develop and grow, we are looking to allow these individuals to take on more leadership responsibilities, and as a net result, we require new headcount to take on the day to day responsibilities, which include planning/executing portfolio transitions, dealing with fiduciary clients, management of portfolios, development of solutions and much more. What is unique about this role, is that this is not a traditional investment consulting/advisory role. The business is geared to allow the advisory work to continue, but will give consultants much more exposure to the market, including trading on behalf of clients and multi asset funds. 

This team are seen as the superstars within the firm, extremely well regarded internally because of what they do and it is a high risk area. Specifically given a huge remit and discretion to execute trades and is more of a front office type role, closer to a pure Portfolio Manager (some £15bn was traded last year).   

We require a strong individual with significant investments experience, with a minimum of 5 years†in industry. Transition experience is an absolute necessity. You will have knowledge of investment techniques used by pension schemes, able to communicate effectively and technically competent. Bonuses and package are highly competitive, and your promotion and career trajectory is completely down to your own capabilities. 

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