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Our Business.
"A partnership, as open as it is informed, as strong as it is flexible."

Elliott Bauer is one of the leading providers of actuarial and executive search recruitment.

In an increasingly competitive talent market that is as international as it is national, we have the capability to find the very best people for organisations around the world.

We are more than just recruiters. We are consultants in the real business sense. Market intelligence and corporate insight guide what we do and how we work - as such we are experienced in working with organisations to help improve their recruitment methods and increase the opportunities to hire and retain the very best talent. We can help you with all aspects of the recruitment process to ensure it is 100% effective. On any given assignment we insist on sitting down with key decision makers and managers to ascertain the business, cultural and recruitment drivers, as well as scope out the skills needed.

Too often, others rush in to satisfy a demand; we tend to take a step back to get a macro picture of the business and the talent requirement. Invariably this leads to greater success and more immediate hiring.

Executive Search follows a robust and successful methodology that can be flexed to specific business needs. We work not only on local searches but also international, our most preferred method is that of Retained Assignment, whereby we provide a team to ensure prompt completion with exclusivity for an agreed period of time or contingency, searching our existing database.

"A clear vision and a strong set of values."

Our vision is not here because we like the sound of it; this is what we aim to achieve - in every assignment, with every relationship, for every individual. To develop exceptional business and market insight. To deliver to an exceptional standard. To partner with assurance and reliability.

Values define who we are and how we do business. You will see these shine through in any work you do with our consultants, because this is what we stake our reputation on.

Honesty & Integrity
Our people are honest, sincere and direct. We ask searching questions of the people we work with. If we think an organisation has a reputation issue or a difficult candidate proposition, we will say. If we feel a candidate has a specific development need, we will make that clear. We pride ourselves on the integrity and transparency of our approach - and we know it works.

We set ourselves very high standards - and we expect all of our people to live up to them. Our consultants work with clients as partners, offering real business and marketplace insight. We may question; we often challenge; we always deliver.

Customer Service
Everything we do centres around the people we work with and the talent we talk to. We follow a clear and robust methodology, but it is always tailored to your needs as a business and as a recruiter. Because we understand that no two organisations are the same and no two individuals want the same thing. The secret of our success rests in a number of key areas.

In an increasingly global market, we offer the business and cultural insight few others can match.

Our offices are located in the UK, North America and Africa and from these offices we successfully run assignments not only locally but also in many other countries around the world. Our client's requirements for talent acquisition means no matter where that search may take us, we pride ourselves on our ability to deliver.

UK & Europe
Vince Robbins, +44 (0) 1799 668025 ::

The UK office is our most established market and it is from here we operate not only locally but throughout Europe and further afield when needed by our clients. We have seen consolidation and growth in equal measure, and this means a continued demand for high-quality talent. More than ever, this needs a partner who is willing to question conventional (and often exhausted) methods.

With the demand for talent in the UK and Europe and the global nature of many of our relationships, we are also often engaged to source overseas or place into international offices.

Our expertise covers all disciplines including Life Insurance, General Insurance, Pensions, Investments, Asset Management, Banking, Risk Management and Non Traditional areas. Primarily operating within the mid management to senior executive space, we can advise on succession planning, provide internal analysis of key executives if fit for purpose and prospective M&A.

Besides traditional work some of our recent assignments include CEO, CIO, CFO, CRO, Partner, Commercial Director and the movement of a large team. One of our main focuses is to assist in group's long term strategies and growth plans, this is our expertise and as such we have been designing and implementing future pipelines in order to reach the end-state organograms that these groups are looking to achieve in the next few years.

North America
Adrian Czernick, +1 604 558 1660 :: Guillaume Gaisson-Morin, +1 514 303 3133 ::

From our offices in Vancouver and Montreal in Canada we serve clients across Canada and deeper into the United States. The North American market is one of the largest in the actuarial world and more and more clients are coming to us not just because of our success but because of the way we do business - open, transparent, business-focused and enduring. We are not here to transact; we are here to work with leading organisations to find talent that is imperative to business performance.

Our expertise covers all disciplines including Life Insurance, General Insurance, Pensions, Investments, Consulting, Banking, Asset Management, Risk Management and other non-traditional areas. That may be true of our competitors. What makes us stand out and stand apart is the quality of service and the value we bring to every relationship. As ever, we take the time to understand client businesses, management styles, cultural nuances, future plans - everything that defines the type and quality of people required. We know it works - we have a highly established successful client base in North America, on local and global contracts.


Joe Hung, +27 (0) 10 003 7815 ::

Based in Johannesburg, South Africa, Elliott Bauer has established itself as a true partnership to some of the country's foremost Blue Chip organisations. We assist not only in placing and tracking the country's top and emerging talent but also assisting our client's wider Africa footprint. Our success is driven by client demand and we specialise not only in Actuarial Recruitment but wider Executive Search.

Over the years we have built exceptional relationships with Group CEO's across the country where we advise on succession planning, potential new business ventures, M&A, instrumental movement of key strategic executives, assisting international companies in the setup and growth of new ventures in South Africa.

We are able to bring our wide expertise and our individual approach to fast-emerging markets and assist executives at different stages in their careers. Being international, we are also able to help people returning to South Africa or those looking to move further afield. Our Expertise lies within Life Insurance, General Insurance, Pensions/Retirement, Health Sector, Investments, Banking, Asset Management, Risk Management and Non Traditional.