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"Our commitment to you, always."
  • All communication to be honest, truthful and factual
  • All consultants to understand and scrupulously observe equal opportunity practice
  • All background information and qualifications presented accurately
  • No promises to be made that we cannot or do not intend to keep
  • No CVs to be sent to a client without a candidate's permission
  • Candidates never to be persuaded to join an organisation if they are not convinced
  • Reference checks never to be conducted without a candidate's permission
  • Candidate information only to be used in connection with a placement
  • All presentations to candidates to be made with knowledge and insight
  • Candidates never to be involved in fee disputes, other than to provide information
  • A candidate never to be encouraged to resign until an offer is provided and accepted
  • No fee will ever be shared with a candidate
  • No fee will ever be charged to a candidate
"Real market focus, genuine business insight."

Elliott Bauer is an insight-led business. The success of our assignments and the strength of our relationships are built on market knowledge and business understanding that cuts through `recruitment speak` and helps to identify the important issues and the best solutions.

Our expertise covers all disciplines including:
Life Insurance, General Insurance, Pensions, Investments, Asset Management, Banking, Risk Management, Consulting and Non Traditional areas.

What makes us stand out and stand apart is the quality of service and the value we bring to every relationship. As ever, we take the time to understand candidates and their needs. Our specialist teams operate at a variety of different levels up to and including Senior executive posts and as such once evaluated we will ensure you are speaking to the most appropriate consultant/director.

The Facts
The demand for Actuarial and Executive talent has never been greater and organisations today search for experienced and credible individuals that will contribute to the future vision and success of a company.

Almost all technicians, managers, specialists, partners and senior executives will work for several companies throughout their career. From junior management through to key senior hires, search consultants will be involved in the majority of these moves.

The Challenge
The challenge is making these moves at the right time, aligning great opportunities with your personal career plans. We believe that candidates are clients too, and we treat you as such. Our goal is always to bring parties together for the mutual benefit of all.

Through Elliott Bauer you can easily build and manage your resume in an entirely confidential manner and setting. By updating us with any significant changes in your experience we can substantially improve the likelihood of you being able to maintain the right balance between personal growth, job satisfaction, and excellent reward.

Elliott Bauer's Proposal
One aspect of active career management is building a long-term relationship with a carefully chosen specialist search firm. Many high calibre individuals have such a relationship with Elliott Bauer. If you would you like to join them, take just a few minutes to contact us and bring your CV to life.

"To be prepared is to be professional."

Looking for a new job, applying for a new role, changing organisations - these are important decisions that take time and take careful consideration. And, most of all, preparation. It is a basic principle of the selection process, but the more prepared you are, the more you are likely to impress the interviewer or assessor. The more you do that, the more chance you have of pursuing the career you want.

Research the Organisation

It is the easiest thing to do and it shows a desire and commitment that will always impress a recruiting manager. We can help you understand a business and the role within it. At the same time, look at the company's websites, corporate literature, annual report and do some research of your own.

Travel Arrangements

We will make sure you know who you are meeting, where and when. Remember to double-check arrangements and plan your journey well in advance of setting out. Allow yourself plenty of time to get there. It's much better to be early and prepared than to be late and flustered.

Dress to Impress

We can advise you of what to wear for any particular interview. It is always important to feel comfortable in what you are wearing - and also to feel that you are presenting yourself in the best possible light. You can rarely be too formal for an interview.

Information to hand

Make sure you have all the information you need - such as CV or application form, organisation details, location map and any questions you want to ask.

The Interview Itself

Remember to arrive early; but if you are going to be late, contact us or the client direct to make sure everyone knows what is happening. Ask for the interviewer at reception. When you meet the interviewer, be sure to look at him or her in the eyes, introduce yourself and shake hands. First impressions count.

In the interview, make sure you wait to be offered a seat before sitting down. Place your chair a few inches from where the chair meets the desk. Sit back but don't slouch. You can always take notes during the interview, as this suggests you are interested and engaged.

Questions can at times be tricky. But don't ramble or say the first thing that comes into your head. Wait, consider your response and give a structured reply. Try not to interrupt the interviewer, and be tactful about previous employers. When you get the opportunity, ask questions about the role and the business, the opportunities and the support - anything that is important in helping you to make the best decision for your career.

When it has finished, be sure to thank the interviewer for his or her time. If you are interested in the role, indicate that you are open to another meeting or interview.

Afterwards, contact us and give us feedback on the interview and how you feel about the role. This is a good time to raise any more questions, as we can always go back and ask them.

Counter Offer Advice

Many of the people we find for our clients often get hit with a counter offer from their current employers. That is a natural reaction from a business: nobody wants to lose a good and valued individual. It is important that if this happens, that you are clear about what you are going to do and how you are going to respond to the situation. It is never advisable to go through an interview just to gain a counter offer from your current employer. If you don't want to move, you are better off talking to your employer first about your issues and needs. Remember, the majority of people who stay because of a counter offer soon find themselves looking for or considering another job. The circumstances and motivations for leaving haven't changed; they are just receiving a bit more money.